Intensive shore development like this seen at nearby Spider Lake destroys fish and wildlife habitat and puts water quality at risk. The Wabana Trust land is a managed forest that has value for all.

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The tax cost of preserving shores and forests is large and is increasing at more than 15% each year

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Our mission is forest, wildlife & fish habitat conservation

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The Wabana Trust land has been in an approved forest stewardship program since 1987. In spite of this, Itasca County has classified all of these forests as "seasonal residential" property. This means that the Wabana Trust is paying taxes as if this land was developed into residential lots. Our family has paid more than $150,000 in property tax to Wabana Township, Itasca County, and the State of Minnesota since 1990. We now are paying nearly $4 per year for every foot of shore that we preserve for fish and wildife habitat and water quality conservation. According to the Itasca County Assessor's office, we would be likely to pay the same amount of tax even if we put the property under a complete conservation easement. Your contribution will help us to pay taxes that preserve this unique environment.

Our family has owned this land since 1906.

We believe that families have a role to play in conservation.